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Rainbows and Lollipops, Pink Knight Screens!

The Pink Knight!

The Pink Knight!

Can you tell I’m excited for Castle Crashers “The Pink Knight Pack”? I mean two posts in a row, that’s got to mean something.

Let me just say, the Pink Knight’s magic is unlike anything else in the game. It will make you happy. It is full of Love and Rainbows. Those meany barbarians will never see it coming.

That’s from Kelly, Mayor of Behemothtown, The Behemoth on Playstation.blog.

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Save the Boobies! Play Castle Crashers!

Castle Crashers

Image via Kotaku.

Because saving the princesses wasn’t enough, now you can help save the boobies whilst saving the princesses! Because everyone likes boobies, right?

The Behemoth announce today that Castle Crashers for the PSN will be getting a $1.99 DLC titled “The Pink Knight Pack” on Feb. 8th and 100% (yes 100%, they make no profit on this, neither do I) of the revenue for this pack will go to various breast cancer research charities. Now how cool is that? Read the rest of this entry