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Harvey Two-face, Harley Quinn, and Killer Clowns


Harvey Two-face wants you

Harvey Two-face wants you

New screens from Arkham City look promising. Uncle Sam, err… I mean, Harvey Two-face really wants you (he even made a poster!). Harley Quinn (who I want) is looking sexy as ever. (Fuck what the haters say about her costume) And who doesn’t love killer clowns with matching shirts and different hair colors! Oh and helicopters! Read the rest of this entry


Video: Batman and Joker Team Up in Arkham City!

Batman: Arkham City

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Heads up, this may be fake, (Okay, it probably is. Well that’s the official statement anyway. Okay, it’s fake! GOSH!)

Anyway, fake or not (FAKE!) it’s still really awesome. And really well done (especially for being fake). I hope this somehow becomes a part of the game (even as paid DLC (I would gladly pay $10 for this.)) Cannon aside, Batman and Joker teaming up to take out horde of douchebags sounds like great fun to me.

Day 1 purchase. Pre-order even. Just give us Bats and Joker Co-op. Plz, Rocksteady, pretty plz?