Too Naughty…

Hot Cuts, Too Naughty...

The breast place to get your hair did.

Ladies and (mostly) gentlemen, I present to you the finest place to cut your hair: Hot Cuts. Located in Sydney Austrailia, Hot Cuts is sure to be a delight. Not only will you get a perfect hair cut, but you can enjoy fine booze, a big HDTV, and boobs! Yes (if the picture above didn’t already spoil that for you) hot cuts features beautiful topless babes for all of your hair cutting needs!  Video after the break…

I love how the rival businesses seem so concerned about the health of these poor girls…

Also, I added a SocialVibe widget to help save the boobies. I’m not sure how it works but it was suggested I make a post about it. So I guess a few sentences will have to do…


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I'm a quarter of a century old/young. I'm a shift manager at McDonalds. I have BS in Interactive Media Design (I know, and I work at McDonalds...). I play video games. Occasionally, I make websites just for the hell of it. I have lots of pretty shoes. I LIKE VODKA! It's my fav.

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