Would You Eat Human Cheese?

Human-cow blend.

Human-cow blend.

That’s “human cheese” as in cheese made from human milk, breast milk, from a woman, a human woman. The same milk many of us* grew up on (quite literally). It’s natural, right? Well more so than milk from a cow. I mean, cow milk is intended for calves, not humans. It has all the nutrients and stuff that calves need, not humans. And, it comes from the teat of a cow! Do you know where that’s been? Yeah, me neither.

Not only is human milk more natural than cow milk (for humans, anyway), it’s healthier too (again, for humans).  It can boost your immune system, clean and heal wounds, and even promote better overall health! Actually, with benefits like that, who needs health insurance? I just might switch today! (And save 15 percent! (Yes, that was a car insurance joke.))

And if I can’t convince you that your socially conditioned ideas of morals and ethics and “what is natural” is a bit absurd, well maybe Miriam Simun can:

As we navigate the complex landscape of technologically modified food production, how do we understand what is natural, healthy, ethical? If wereject all technologically modified food in favor of what is ‘natural,’ how far back to do we go? If we are to welcome new technologies into our lives, how will we continue to redefine what is natural, normal and healthy? How will this change our relationship to each other, the natural world and ourselves? If we are determined to continue to enjoy our cheese, perhaps it is most natural, ethical and healthy to eat human cheese? And if not, what other biotechnological processes does this force us to reconsider?

Seems pretty righteous, eh? Miriam’s human cheese is available in 3 delicious (I’m sure) flavors: City Funk, Wisconsin Bang, and Sweet Airy Equity.

*I actually have no idea if I was breast fed or not. Nor do I want to know.


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